Chakrasana / Urdhva Dhanurasana

By Disha (m.a yoga science)


1.Intro for ashana:- Chakras means wheel of energy Asana -posture Chakrasana is a backbend.

2.Anatomical focus :-
Spinal column and the muscles attached to the vertebrae. Muscles on the upperpart of the abdomen ,thighs,calves.Awareness
Focus on core, lower back,wrist

Keep the breathing slow and rhythmic. Keep the shoulder blades and neck region relaxed and comfortable. Keep the arms and knees straight.

.who is suffering from cardiac ailment.
.who is suffering from high blood pressure problems.
.Durind pregnancy avoid this position.
.who have weak arms or wrists, hypertension.

.good for asthma
.It also relieves stress and reduce depression.This asana also gives strength to your legs.buttocks,spineb adomen,lower back,wrists and arms  Increases energy. streches the chest and lungs excellent for heart Benefits for women Tones pelvic region Therapeutic applications
Stress, anxiety,asthma

6.Duration :-
30seconds to 3minute

7.Precautions and contra -indications
.do not practice chakrasana directly.
.It should not be practiced by people suffering from any illness..Women should avoid practicing chakrasana during pregnancy.chakrasana is not suitable for weak people having some weakness in wristor back .
For elbow pains,slip disc,vertigo,diarrhea hernia,low blood pressureand heart problems. Pregnant women should not perform this asana.